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Lipomassage by Endermology

feeling7 is using the latest generation of LPG technology to offer you even better and more efficient results, both in carefully targeted fat reduction and tightening and smoothing of the facial skin. The global market leader in the treatment of connective tissue is entering a new era. Using all its experience and seven years of development on the existing Cellu M6®, LPG has launched its new Key module. Even specialists are astonished by the results this instrument provides. The advanced technology of this new multi-functional machine made outstanding progress in the natural treatment of connective tissues without surgical procedures.  With this equipment, we provide you the highest possible efficiency, the targeted treatment of problem zones where fat must be eliminated or the skin needs smoothing. And now it can also be used on the face, and even for men – for body and Soul.

Typical application fields for lipomassage

• Targeted reduction of Cellulite

•Body shaping 

• Skin tightening (now also possible on the face)

• Fat reduction

•Medical and therapeutic procedures with great functional depth (scar treatment)

• Pre-and post-treatment of liposuction procedures

• Relaxing wellness massages 

• Postnatal Regeneration

What is cellulite?

The equilibrium between fat accumulation and fat reduction is based on a process that occurs naturally in the adipocytes. Even when they live healthy lives and take exercise regularly, people often find that their fat deposits increase. The results: the typical limps and dimples on the surface of the skin give the appearance of an orange peel, also known as cellulite. The large fat cells block the microcirculation (arteries, veins, lymph capillaries). The blood flow is impaired and the metabolism slows down.  Fewer nutrients are delivered, fewer toxins are removed and interstitial fluid starts to accumulate. The connective tissues lose their elasticity and the legs start to feel heavy. In extreme cases, the skin can become cold, hard, and painful.

How does the lipomassage treatment work?

Creams, pills, body wraps or electrotherapy, diets and fitness programs, or Granny’s home remedies? There are countless methods. But do they help? To treat cellulite, one needs to activate the body’s connective tissues. The skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis and the two layers of connective tissue, the dermis and the hypodermis. Cellulite occurs in the hypodermis layer, also termed subcutaneous connective tissue. The cosmetic and aesthetic Endermologie® concept, developed by the French connective tissue specialists, LPG Systems® is precisely targeted to treat this skin layer. Other methods are either too superficial or target a fat layer that lies too deep.

With the non-invasive Endermologie® method (no incisions), the Cellu M6® Keymodule instrument reactivates the venous and lymphatic circulation and stimulates the natural lipid metabolism. It is beneficial and effective. By activating the fibroblasts, the treatment increases the body’s production of collagen and elastin. This then leads to a natural reorganization of the skin tissues. The skin becomes smoother, tighter and regains its former firm appearance. These results have been substantiated by dozens of studies in the USA and Europe. The US Food and Drug Administration, among others, has approved Endermologie® as an effective treatment for cellulite and a process to shape the body’s contours.

What is the aim of the lipomassage treatment?

The lipomassage treatment stimulates the degradation of fat cells that have become resistant to diets and physical activity. You will already see the first signs of improvement after only six treatment sessions and, most importantly, exactly there where you want them to appear! The lipomassage treatment offers a solution for various problems and is highly versatile in its applications.  And the best thing about this treatment is that the results are immediately noticeable. Woman will use this treatment to fight cellulite, to reduce resistant fat deposits, to tighten the skin, to eliminate the postnatal or menopausal belly fat. Men will predominantly use it to eliminate love handles, to reduce resistant fat deposits, to tighten flabby skin after dieting.

How does lipomassage treat cellulite?

“Orange peel” skin is caused by excess fat in the adipocytes (fat cells) and the simultaneous water retention around these cells. When the adipocytes grow bigger, they deform the skin above them and cause the orange peel appearance. LPG’s mechanical Roll stimulation will soften the tissues and decompartmentalize fatty cells. The skin becomes smoother and tighter. The cellulite will start to recede.

How does lipomassage tighten flabby skin?

Weight fluctuations, pregnancies, the natural ageing process… little by little, the skin loosens some of its firmness and elasticity. This specifically impacts areas such as the inner thighs, the belly and the arms. These losses are due to a slowing production of collagen and elastin fibers in the fibroblast cells. The skin becomes thinner and the first signs of skin ageing make their appearance. The combination of LPG Rolls and rhythmic stimulation act directly on the fibroblast cells to force them to produce more of the required support fibers (collagen and elastin). The skin tightens in depth and becomes visibly smoother and firmer.

How does lipomassage reduce resistant fat cells?

Do you have some unattractive local fat pads (saddle bags, love handles, belly, thighs....) and when you lose weight, does the weight not seem to disappear where you want it to disappear? We have a solution for your problem: the lipomassage treatment will help to reduce these unwanted fat deposits. Treatment head of different sizes and different forms allow to specifically target those areas you seek to improve. The equilibrium between fat accumulation and fat reduction is based on a process that occurs naturally in the adipocytes. Even when they live healthy lives and take exercise regularly, people often find that their fat deposits increase. The mechanical rolling stimulation technique developed by LPG provokes reactions in the deeper laying skin layers that encourage lipolysis or degradation of fat cells. This then reduces your unwanted fat deposits; your figure appears visibly slimmer and your unattractive curves start to disappear. And you lose that fat exactly there where you wanted it.

The treatment

To help you picture what effects can be achieved, feeling7 will show you concretely what the results can look like. The various programs of the Cellu M6® allow tailor-made treatments for each type of skin and tissue structure. Each treatment lasts between 35 and 40 minutes. To achieve visible results, we recommend a cycle of 16 to 20 sessions of 35 to 40 minutes each, preferably twice a week. The exact timing and duration depends on each person’s physiological reaction and treatment goals. To maintain the results after the end of the intensive program, we suggest having an additional 35 to 40-minute session once a month. Here are some examples of successful Endemologie Treatments.


Full Body treatment
45 Min.
CHF 120.-
Partial Body treatment
25 Min.
CHF 80.-
Lymph drainage massage
30 Min.
CHF 90.-
Subscription for 10 sessions
of 45 Min. each
CHF 1'080.-
Subscription for 20 sessions
of 45 Min. each
CHF 2'040.-