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feeling7 also supports your wellbeing in other ways: we have the only Accent machine in the region. This sensational and up-to-date equipment is an efficient way to reduce fat and tighten the skin. You will be able to spot the progress you’re making after only a few treatment sessions, none of which involve anaesthetics or any kind of surgery! Even large areas can be treated swiftly, without placing any restrictions on your day-to-day life. feeling7 makes this effective, painless fat-reducing and skin-tightening treatment (on flabby upper arms or face) in a pleasant environment.

What is new about method?

In contrast to other known treatments, where the fat cells are emptied, Accent treatment dissolves the cells. The fat released is then carried away naturally, without any kind of operation. 

How does Accent work?

High-frequency radio waves are released in the dermis and in fatty tissue. This heats the selected layers, while the epidermis is simultaneously cooled and protected. This selective warming destroys the fat cells. The fat is removed naturally via the lymphatic system and the liver, without the need for any kind of surgical procedure.

Collagen production is promoted in parallel, strengthening the collagen. Normally, it decreases with age, so that the skin becomes flabbier. The contraction in the collagen, also termed “shrinking”, and the shortening of the fibrous septae result in tighter, wrinkle-free skin and give a youthful effect. Another result is that the size of the area treated shrinks.

How long does a treatment session last?

A session can last between 30 minutes and four hours, depending on the size of the area being treated

What is the gap between sessions?

The second session takes place around two weeks after the first. From the third session onwards, treatments take place every four weeks. This allows the body enough time to re-organise itself and get rid of the fat that has been released

How safe is Accent?

The high-frequency treatment is very low-risk. Longer-term side effects have occurred in only 1% of cases.

For whom is Accent suitable?

For everyone who no longer feels comfortable in their skin, but who would like to avoid surgery.

How do wrinkles develop?

The skin starts to age when people reach their mid-20s: that has been scientifically proven. Connective tissue starts to lose the ability to store moisture and cell production declines. Wrinkles develop when the fibres in the dermis begin to lose elasticity, i.e., the tissue tension provided by the collagen fibre declines. The following factors have a negative influence on the skin: 

•    sun, visits to the solarium
•    heavy smoking
•    bad eating habits, alcohol
•    a lack of regular, frequent exposure to fresh air
•    strong facial expression
•    genetic factors
•    dry indoor air

What results can you expect?

A marked reduction in volume is recorded by c. 95% of people treated. However, the dimple effect usually continues until the fatty deposits have vanished completely.

How many sessions are necessary?

In general between 6 – 8 sittings are necessary. The fatty-deposits and the reduced Colagen-production with age have also taken their time to appear. Hence it would be an illusion to believe that years of built-up can be eliminated with merely one session.

In most cases a significant volume and/or dimple reduction can be measured after only 3-4 sittings. In any case, once you’re satisfied with the results, the treatment can be terminated at any point, according to your individual liking.

Support with LPG treatment

You could support the effect of “ProShock Ice” even further with LPG treatments. LPG activates your lymphatic system and helps to eliminate the broken down fat cells. With pleasure we can determine the for you most efficient treatment combination,  at a free personal consultation