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Cryomed®Fat reduction

Whether on the belly, the thighs or the upper arms...

with Cryomed®, we can master the most tenacious problem zones. This system is based on cryolipolysis and was developed, clinically tested and certified, in Switzerland and thus benefits from a high level of security, performance and flexibility.

Since 2007, the use of refrigeration (cryolipolysis) to reduce unwanted, local, fatty deposits is a top selling cosmetic treatment that has successfully replaced previous heat and ultrasound (cavitation, 1MHz) treatments.

The Cryomed® unit, one of the latest developments in this domain, has been successfully utilized in many countries around the world for several years. The Cryomed® unit uses the proven vacuum handpiece technology and is equipped with a dual handpiece system. The handpieces come in 4 sizes and can maintain a temperature of -9°C for up to 120 minutes. The Cryomed® unit can alternate between heating (+42°C) and cooling (-9°C). The vacuum can be adjusted from 10 to 80 kPa. The handpieces come in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm und 300mm lengths and can therefore treat any part of the body. The contact material of the handpiece is soft and transparent so that one can actually see the tissues that are being treated.

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How does cryolipolysis work?

The tissue cooling technology used for the selective elimination of fat cells without damage to the skin or the surrounding tissues, is based on the premise that fat cells can be more easily damaged by cooling than skin and other tissue structures. The skin, protected by a soft silicon cover, is sucked into the treatment device by the gentle vacuum it creates and brought in contact with the two cooling plates. In a controlled and targeted way, the treatment device now transfers, through the skin, cold to the unwanted fatty deposits. The fat cells react to the cold with a natural degradation process called apoptosis. This process takes 8 to 12 weeks and visibly reduces the fat layer. Tissue cooling is a new, non-invasive procedure for the gentle and successful elimination of fatty deposits in specific areas of the body. In the treated areas, a distinct and seemingly natural fat reduction can be noted. The unique feature of this procedure is its revolutionary cooling technique. The fat cells in the fatty deposits are eliminated in a step-by-step process that does no damage to the surrounding tissues. This procedure is well suited to reduce fatty deposits in the abdominal region, the hips and the back. Contrary to the conventional chirurgical procedures, the tissue cooling technology is non-invasive – no needles or incisions. A non-invasive treatment device is placed on the skin of the selected body region, to cool and eliminate the fat cells in a controlled and targeted way. The fat cells that were exposed to the cold, start to die off and are gradually eliminated by the same natural metabolic processes that digest the fat in our food. The result is a reduction of the fatty deposits that most customers will notice after 2 to 3 months.

The following images show how Cryomed® works and where it can be applied.


Reduction of fat deposits 1 treatment area
90 Min.
CHF 290.-
Reduction of fat deposits up 2 treatment areas
90 - 120 Min.
CHF 250.-

Prices include a shock wave pre-treatment of 10 minutes per treatment area.

If you do the a second problem area treated, will be reduced by CHF 250.- per treatment.

We recommend 3 Cryo-treatments with a 3 to 4 weeks interval

In the weeks following the cryo-treatment, it is recommended to perform a weekly lymph drainage.

We also propose this in form of an Endermologie whole body lymph treatment for CHF 90.- instead of CHF 120.-.