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At Gerbergasse 40 in Basel, you’ll find everything that body and soul desires. In the areas of beauty and wellbeing Jolanda Schneider from feeling7 will pamper you with treatments of the highest quality. Furthermore we have a longstanding and successful history with our cellulite, volume-reduction and skin-tightening treatments. The procedures we use are Endermologie, Accent and our newest addition Kryolipolyse “ProShock Ice”,  which works to eliminate fatty deposits with sub-zero temperatures.Did we spark your interest? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call, or contact us via email to schedule a consultation appointment.

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beauty, health and wellbeing treatements in the highest quality standards

New and exceptional in Basel’s city center, feeling7 offers Kryolipolyse with “ProShock Ice”

Kryolipo, Lipo-Kryo, Lipokryolyse, Coolsculpting®, Cryolipolysis are all descriptions of a new procedure to combat local adipose-tissue with a freezing mechanism.


More about Kryolypolyse with "ProShock Ice"



The mild alternative to Lasertreatments – Super Hair Removal

With this new SHR technology, treatments can be pursued at any time during the year. Even dark skin-types and lightly pigmented and fine hair are successfully removable. A threat of burning or pigment damage is as good as impossible! 


more about the Treatment with SHR technology



Volume reduction and skin tightening with «Lipomassage»™ by Endermologie®

New for you at feeling7 in the segment of cutting edge body-treatment systems, the ‘Lipo-massage’ by Endermologie – Technology. is the newest and most advanced treatment technique to reduce unwanted adipose-tissue. Furthermore this technology can also be applied to tighten skin in the facial region.

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